Radialabs - scam

Cudahy, Wisconsin 5 comments

I was charged $74.95 for a Trial size also!Returned the product for a refund, but never saw the refund.

Got into a shouting match on the phone about not having a shipping number, even though I gave them my RMA #. Always looking for an excuse to not refund!! Why do they need a shipping number if they have the RMA # which they insist on to begin with. I will never recommend this product to anyone -the company is a scam.

I plan on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.The product is not worth anyone's time or money.

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Thank you for your review. You just helped to talk meout not bidding on this item. Appreciate it.


I have just fallen foul of the above scam.Purchased the alleged trial product, and then foolishly researched the company, so I have emailed my bank and asked for the card that I used for the transaction to be cancelled and forwarded the details/receipt email that was sent to me.

I just hope that my bank cancels my card, only purchased trial product approx 20 minutes ago, and that I don't get charged ridiculous money for a product that I don't even want!

I cannot believe that I have been so ***!Please DO NOT GO NEAR THIS COMPANY!!!!!!


the same thing happened to me. How do I contact them. Any phone number?


It happened to me too. I have sent the product back over a month ago and still have not received my refund.


The very same thing happened to me!!

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Radialabs - I sent for a trial size and got charged full price.

Bellevue, Washington 5 comments
Not resolved

I ordered the trial sized product and got charged the full price for thier "Kit".My bank account was charged $74.95 without my knowledge.

This was not explained on the website or in "Terms of service" although they claim it is. I will never order anything online again with my debit card as it seems to give the company the "authorization" to do so. The only way I'll get a refund is to return the unused portion of the product to the company to receive a check for $74.95.

This means repackaging the product and going to the post office.This is inconvenient for me.

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:) I finally got the $74.95 credited back to my bank acct.


I also ordered the free trial for $3.95.Did not get it for weeks yet a charge for $74.95 was debited on my account.

Contacted bank and will be getting a Visa dispute form and immediate credit from my bank although my call to Radialabs was worthless. They say the contract info is in terms and conditions, yet, I looked and never found anything that said I had to contact them in 14 days or 30 days or whatever.

Call your banks and dispute this companies charges.They are a ripoff!


Sorry I can't give you good news as far as a refund is concerned.

Im am out of pocket to the tune of £ 237.00

As far as I am concerned this is unauthorised theft but my bank are saying it is a subscribstion website and I have signed up to it. I have emailed to cancel but even if I suceed I think I will have lost the money already stolen from me.May help if we all make official complaints to trading standards here and in USA BBB site is one I have repoted on. :(


I did send my unused portion of the anti-wrinkle cream to RadiaLab.I followed the instructions on how to return the product.

I also got a U.S. Postal Service Delivery Confirmation Receipt on March 3 and it was confirmed that it had been delivered on March 7.

Noresponse!Has anyone gotten the money back?


:( I ordered this product on trial...and now see that my credit cad ws charges full price....74.95 There is no address to send it bck to....and when you call ...no one answers... they just put you on hold. Lousy customer service!!!!

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Radialabs - Wrinkle cream scam

Los Angeles, California 5 comments
Not resolved

Don't get caught, the product is *** and the scam is that you have to call them within 14 days to decline "signing up" for regular deliveries. Be sure you read the fine print, i.e "terms and conditions" not just the ad.

Radialabs wrinkle cream ads claim the product is better than botox, and for just shipping and handling you can try the product. It comes and then another box comes and guess what? a bill for $75 appears on your credit card.

I refused delivery of the second box so it went back immediately, but they claim not to have received it. The $5 charge for trying the product has become a $150 charge to my credit card. Stay away from Radialabs products!

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I want to cancel my order and I need the phone number before I get caught in this scam


Haha, yep they got me as well. I suppose it was my own fault for not reading the terms and conditions. Hey Ho £240.00 and the product actually caused a burning sensation.

What i do now is call their free phone number a couple of times a day to run up their phone bill and im calling from the UK.


:grin I ordered the trial radialabs wrinkle cream for 4$.and after using it for a little over a week, I started searching for hot to properly use it.

Then I started reading the ripoff reports on radialabs and it made me worry. So I called in with still 6 days left in my trial. I was able to cancel and I was even able to keep the product. I frantically checked my credit card bill for a month, nothing appeared.

It's a shame because I really did like the product. By the time the bottle was finished, I seen BIG improvements. Now I'm 71 years old and I understand my wrinkles are never going away. I know the cream worked well.

My experience was good on ordering the radialabs.I'm sorry it wasn't that way for everyone else.


I placed an order for a 1 month (risk free)trial of Dermatal and Radialabs Anti-Aging Creams (just pay shipping and handling)- Yes, these are scams.I was charged $94.95, 15 days after my order was placed, by Dermatal.

Had to cancel my credit card to avoid Radialabs doing the same. The two companies may be related... If not, they are running the same scam.

And no, the products don't work.Caveat Emptor!

to Tami #646429

I ordered the Dermatal with the 1/2 off code deal last year then saw all the complaints about people lost 100's of dollars and couldn't stop them!I immediately tried to call them back and cancel but of course the Phone Number I called Didn't Exist anymore?

So I quickly cancelled my credit card and luckily only paid $2.95 for the junk that showed up! Ha-ha Beat the crooks at their game!

:grin I have not since and never will order ANYTHING off TV!If you really want to try it, look at Amazon first and read reviews!

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